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    For the past months, my posts have always been about PTC's, PTP's, and all the range of PT's I can find. But of course, dollars don't just come from those streams. And I guess you can all agree with me, blogging is one of the most popular money making stream in the internet today.
    (And I guess that is what I'm doing right now.)

    I don't really consider myself as an adept blogger or problogger, that is such a shame for me to claim. I may be in that phase where I am learning the tricks of the trade, but I'm still way beyond the real caliber of a certified blogger. I am a novice but I'm learning and gleaning from every blog hop that I make.

    I bet you've heard of John Chow, Steve Pavlina, and (the latest one that I'm following) David Risley, and yes you are correct, these people are pro-bloggers. And not just that, these people are blogging and earning six figures or probably even more. They found a place in the blogosphere where you can say that they have become the stars and suns in the blogging community. So what's my point? Shall we all then be a blogger and be John Chow's and Steve Pavlinas, or David Risleys? Not really.

    In essence that may be a possibility that we can all set up our own blogs. But as what Steve Pavlina mentio
    ned in his post "How to Make Money From Your Blog" "...99% of people who try to generate serious income from their blogs will fail" So what's the catch?

    As I have repeatedly mentioned in my posts,
    patience is one crucial factor in determining if a person is fit for a blogging career. The sad part is, most of us are impatient and driven by things that are instant. You can create an instant blog thru but earning from that blog is another story. We want instant coffee, we adore fast-foods, we want quick breaks but blogging won't cater to that kind of preference.

    In contrast, blogging is something like a seed being thrown to the ground by a farmer, watered, and nurtured. And after months, eventually gives the sower some fruits to harvest.
    If you have not noticed, I intentionally phrased it as "eventually gives the sower some fruits to harvest." I did not say that the farmer will reap a whole bunch because in real life that doesn't always happen. You may at times reap a few. But the good thing is, you will always have something if you sow, no matter how small that may be.

    It's not rocket science. But it is the simple, universal law of sowing and reaping that is applicable even to blogs. Because every blogger has their own style, has their own capabilities and ways to accomplish things and it surely will give different results as well. This is where you can tell the wise from the fool, the smart from the challenged, the problogger or the novice.

    For now, I guess it will be a good start if we look at these successful people and mirror ourselves on what they have achieved. I don't think that in this age of technology and open field of knowledge they can hide the secrets to what put them in their place. I don't know how you plan to start and make blogging as a serious career but for me, I'll be burning my brows over David Risley's "Six Figure Blogger Blueprint". And maybe, in a few years time you will read an e-book of my success story.


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