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    After some rumor mongers caused a little panic and dismay to some of the members of MyLot regarding payment delays, the issue that was started by some troll is now put to rest. As soon as I checked on my Outlook when I arrived from work, $22 have been credited to my Paypal account which sums up my June earning in the community.

    And of course, lessons were learned from that short grip of the troll that brought doubts and anger to MyLot. Again and again, patience is a virtue. Although I have noticed that MyLot pays in advance at times, the official statement in the TOS indicates that payments will be made on or before the 15th. And with that, MyLot still lives to its standard of paying on time.

    Second thing, don't easily believe people who just started out and acting like he's been there for a long time already. These kinds of people are just looking for some attention which they may have been yearning for. There were actually members who've been there for years and they never budged nor raised an eyebrow. It's better to listen to these people who have known that MyLot have always paid its obligations to its members.

    Third, it's not official until it's the person or the party involved is the one who gives out the statement. All those "I heard, they said, I thought" statements are but signs of immaturity and gossiping spirit. So wherever you may be, whether it's an online or off line gig you are working on and waiting for payment, the final say that you should believe is the statement of the person or party involved.

    Happy Mylotting everyone.


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