• IM Report Card

    After the horrible experience I've had with Ciao, joining paid to review sites have become the least of my priorities. But there certainly are websites that really delivers. Am I sounding like an ad? Surely not, it's no advertisement post that I'm making but just a simple assessment of my recent participation with IM Report Card. I have been very pleased with how the system works. The very sign up process where you have to write something about yourself and about your experience with internet marketing is a first off the bucket.

    The comment rating system, the comment bonus, and the website grading is way better than its predecessors. And not to mention, the pay is also good, considering the fact that many paid to websites are crying out recession. I haven't reached the minimum payout yet, which is 2000 credits that can be encashed to $20 via Paypal. But I'm nearing that mark at 1798.

    See for yourself.... Join here: IM Report Card


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