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    Sometimes the little things that needs to be done are just so time consuming that it ends up totally undone. I'm sure you have those times when you planned to advertise your blog in some social networking site, want to comment on another blog, or write another article for posting. Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours for us and there are other things that occupies those 24 hours. I know outsourcing those task is a very easy resolution. That is, if you are willing to pay the extra. Well, if you do, i guess you would be interested with this.

    I just found about Microworkers. A site that specifically solves those "micro" things that needs to be done for a very reasonable price. It's actually a community where people look for "micro jobs" or post tasks for the members to accomplish. And here's specifically what you get if you join:

    If you sign up now you might still get the chance to get a $2 bonus which you can use to try out the program for your own campaign. And of course for your payout, you get paid as soon as soon as minimum cap of $9 is reached. And payments are processed through these payment processors:

    Withdrawal method


    Cheque USD





    Employers, ask people to...
    — Blog about your product
    — Post reviews to forums
    — Add you to Facebook
    — Follow you on Twitter
    — Digg your website
    — and much more...

    Workers, sign up and...
    — Browse micro jobs
    — Select jobs you like
    — Finish tasks & submit proof
    — Earn money


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