• The Demise of EziHippo?

    When Ezihippo first appeared on the radar of online opportunities, I was one of the first to jump into the bandwagon. I like being a part of a pioneer group because in most cases and experience wise, the earlier you join, the sooner you harvest your earnings, the smaller you invest and the quicker you leave the better your chance of escaping the fangs of scam. Although it is not always the same as what has been proven by many programs like Neobux and MyLot which still continue to pay its members, some have not had the same sturdy preparation once the global financial crisis hit the shores of the web. And I'm actually starting to believe that EziHippo is one of those programs swept by the meltdown.

    For many weeks, if not months, i've been trying to log on to my account and see my progress, but it has been a frustrating attempt each time. I've read a few blog entries in MyPage5 as well MyLot and it seems that my suspicion is shared by many members of the EziHippo community. It's really saddening if this is true, because eziHippo has a very good potential of making it big. It has very innovative ideas that can match what Facebook and other social networking sites has to offer.

    I just hope that this one is just another product of trolls but it's a little doubtful to think that way either. Anyway, whatever it may be in the end, I enjoyed being a part of the eziHippo community, and i'll be looking forward to some resurrection, I'm just hoping that it won't be until the next 2000 years.


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